Once synonymous with the Maharajahs and European elite, bespoke trunks are making a comeback as contemporary art and utility statements. 

Business Today, September, 2014 - By Sarika Malhotra

Sheikha Hesa Al Thani of the royal family of Qatar, visited India Last year, and she took some unlikely items with her back home, trunks and eight of those during her stay at one of Indian’s finest palace-turned - luxury hotels Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. Some objects caught her eye. Gelling with the unmistakable sense of history that transcends time a couple of trunks were placed in the pristine while marble lobby of the hotel. Placed next to them was a stack of visiting cards and a note that led Sheikha to their crafts men: Trunks Company, Jaipur, A series of trunks was commissioned by the Sheikha that ranged from steamers to customized jewelry trunks. 

Ram Rathore Director Sales and Marketing Rambagh Palace, says the high-profile guests who stay at the luxury hotel have been so intrigued with these trunks that they want to take them back as memorabilia of their trip. What fascinates them is the fact that they can be customized as per their fancy according to Rathore. "It’s a reflection of what the country can offer in terms of luxury and how customization is India’s forte.