Elle Fashion, January, 2013

Cotton dress ₹2,40,000, form Dior. Khadi cotton jacket, ₹19,800, from 11.11 CellDSGN. Leather sandals, ₹4,095 by Sachinta. Big leather monogram trunk, small leather monogram trunk; both prices on request, from Louis Vuitton. Canvas and wood trunk, ₹32,000, from Trunks by Buck's. Leather trunk with buckle straps, ₹1,10,000, leather suitcase, ₹1,10,000, both form Globe-Trotter. Extra-large leather trunk, ₹2,25,000, large leather trunk ₹1,95,000, medium leather suitcase ₹60,000, small leather trunk, ₹1,10,000; all from Trunks Company.