Brothers Paritosh and Priyank Mehta travelled the world in search of artistic innovation and came up with the novel concept of trunk making that exemplifies old world charm. Encompassing home decor, as well as luxe travel and utility, The Trunks Company, Jaipur has managed to revive the art of trunk making. They tell L'Officiel India the story of their legacy and share with us their beautiful watch and jewellery trunks.

L'Officiel, July, 2012 - by Sukanya Rangaraj

Tell us the history and thought process behind trunks company, Jaipur.

PRIYANK MEHTA: The trunks company, Jaipur was started by my brother, Paritosh Mehta and I. We travelled around the globe meeting leading designers, exploring the needs and requirements of people with an aesthetic taste. With this sheer passion to create modern trunks, we effortlessly made a mark in the luxury segment, giving India this one-of-a-kind luxury brand of customized trunks, in a very short period, we gained expertise in trunk making with the help of French designer, Livio Delesgues.

What goes into the making of these trunks?
LIVIO DELESGUES: The trunks that I have designed for the trunks company, Jaipur are a blend of my French tradition and heritage, whereas the innovation is from my Italian side. The tradition and heritage of each of the trunks is expressed by the craftsmanship, selection of the finest materials and by the excellence and the ability to assemble them in the most conventional and classic way. Innovation is the most imperative while designing each trunk. We conceptualize the use of the trunk and make them in such a way that they not only become fashionable accessories, but also statement pieces for home decor. Each of these trunks has a new function and a new way of utilization around the house. You can notice the fashionable side of the trunks with its couture inspired interior detailing present on the inside of the trunk, making them more glamorous and contemporary than ever before.

What makes the watches trunk perfect for the timepiece connoisseur?
The watch trunk from Trunks Company, Jaipur is what timepiece connoisseurs were dreaming of for the longest time-it is the perfect place to admire one's complete watch collection.it gives them an exclusive and luxurious experience of choosing a new watch to adorn their wrist each day. The watch trunk also stores every watch uniquely and is a heaven for watch admires.

Tell us about the jewelry trunk.
The jewelry trunk from Trunks Company, Jaipur has been conceptualized as a browsing accessory.it helps you go through your exclusive pieces of jewelry at the blink of an eye.it is made to keep your jewelry in the safest and most ideal manner for the longest time.

How can these trunks add to the ambience of a residence and play a double role as a collector's item yet offer utility?
These trunks create a daily experience for the customer by providing them with the best possible way to store their valuables and precious accessories. The way each trunk looks and the finest materials with which they are made give them a real personality. Trunks Company, Jaipur ensures you a real touch of luxury within your environment. The trunks give a space character and ensure that it is the center of everyone's attention.


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Trunks Company, Jaipur is also available at Pinakin, Mumbai and Raro, Pune.