A perfect Match

India Today Home, August, 2014

A GAME USUALLY associated with the kings and the royals, polo is looked upon by present day players too as not just a competitive sport but a way to connect with its old-world charm and superlative grandiose. TRUNKS COMPANY JAIPUR's ( customized polo trunk notches up this air of aristocracy and style quotient associated with the sport further. Handcrafted in full-grained leather, the trunk's blue-colored exterior pairs well with the magenta-colored interiors made of suede. It has teakwood contouring, wood binding and brass hardware detailing. Patrons have the option to customize their trunk in terms of size, color, and other specifics. Meticulously crafted with over - man hours, the trunk has made-to-measure drawers and space to hold all the gears of sport-saddle, stirrups, boots, helmet, gloves, knee, guards, mallets, spurs and whips. Prices start from 2.5Lakh INR and are available on order.